Whole 30 Coconut Shrimp, ohhh yeahhhhh


sorry it’s a crap picture, I was in a hurry, what’s new?

Whoo boy! I was looking around on the great and wonderful time waster call pinterest and came across some amazing looking recipes for paleo/whole 30 coconut shrimp. Well let’s just say I didn’t let any grass grow under my feet before deciding I had to try one of these recipes, stat. I decided on this one. Then I decided to try to modify it slightly for a few fewer calories and less work. Lets be honest, who likes standing over the stove in the summer? Bonus if you look at the above recipe there are two WODS on the same page. Pretty cool. I was excited anyway. Not that I have taken advantage and done either WOD. But they are there waiting for me when I’m ready. I made my version of the coconut shrimp today and it was sooooo good!! I loved it and can’t wait till dinner so I can eat some more. My husband even liked it, and that’s a big deal! Full disclosure:he did say he would want some sauce with it, but the fact that he liked it at all is good enough for me! Ok, go find your frozen bag of shrimp hiding at the back of your freezer and go make coconut shrimp!

Whole 30 Coconut Shrimp

Yield: 14.5 oz (406 g) after cooking for 2 large or 4 smaller servings (approx 8 shrimp)


Nutrition per serving if serving 4

Calories: 200

Fat:10 g

Sodium: 397.4 mg

Carbs: 3.8 g

Fiber: 1.6 g

Sugar: 0.3 g

Protein: 22.3 g



1 lb raw easy peel shrimp

1 tsp coconut oil

1 whole egg

30 g almond meal (approx ¼ cup)

20 g dried Unsweetened coconut flakes (also approx ¼ cup)

½ tsp Kosher salt

Ground pepper to taste

¼ tsp granulated garlic

¼ tsp smoked paprika

Baking stone if you have one.


Grease your baking stone with the coconut oil and place inside oven while it is preheating to 350°. If you don’t have a stone: preheat your oven and grease a regular cookie sheet.

Peel and rinse your shrimp, then pat dry with paper towels. Next whisk egg and spices with a fork till yolk is incorporated. Mix together your almond meal and coconut flakes in a shallow dish, then get ready to “bread” your shrimp. Put the shrimp in the egg mix first then use the same hand to place shrimp into coconut/almond mixture. Use your clean hand to toss around shrimp and get them coated with the breading. Transfer breaded shrimp onto a plate to await cooking while you do the rest of the shrimp. Once all your shrimp are coated put them in a single layer on your cookie sheet, or your hot baking stone. Pop them into the oven for 8-10 minutes, depending on your doneness preference. Mine we’re perfect at 8 minutes, nice crisp coating and plump tender shrimp. No need to turn them unless you really feel like it. I am lazy and didn’t want all my breading to fall off! It actually stayed on really well, much to my dubious surprise. I always have bad luck with breading staying on things, that’s the real reason I wanted to bake these guys and not fry them! Also, less oil used = fewer calories, so there’s that too. Enjoy!




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