Things I love

Homemade cakes. There will be a whole post devoted to my nephew Rowans birthday party and the most unhealthy, delightful, soul satisfyingly beautiful cake in the whole world. And the amazing amount of butter it takes to create such a thing.IMG_4644

Unsweetened Almond milk

Chobani yogurts. Seriously the beeeeeest!

Quinoa. I eat it daily.

Oats in all forms. Especially granola. Guess I’ll have to make a batch soon and post about it.

Working out. I might post a few workouts here if anyone is interested.

Melissa Bender workout videos!

Franks redHot hotsauce. On everything.

My family. duh. but really they’re pretty darn great. Especially my son, Christian who is almost two.


Le crueset cookware.

I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll expand on this later. Now its time for bed.IMG_4687

Oh yeah, I also looooooooove digital food scales. They make my everyday life so much better.




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