Pecan Butter changed my world.

I went on a nut butter rampage recently. Ever since I saw a post on Pinterest a few months ago about doing it yourself I’ve had it on my to do list. If that’s how you are, push that sucker right up to the top of your list! I started with Almond butter and put a little salt and honey in it. delightful, but not overwhelmingly better than my store bought Mara Natha brand. Then I tried roasted Pecan butter. Ohhhhhhhh my lord. I can.not.stop eating it! I’ve been putting it on anything I can think of. Like a spoon. I have two versions, one with honey, and one without. I just started Whole 30 yesterday, so am only eating the one without honey currently. If you aren’t restricting your sugar intake though I highly recommend the pecan butter with honey. I seriously think about it all the time. Put it on a baked sweet potato. It’s sweet potato pecan pie. This recipe isn’t really a very strict one. I am not sure of my measurements, and didn’t calculate the nutrition data for myself. I just figure that the one without honey is about the same as a store bought pecan butter (213 cals/2 TB) and that the one with honey is just a bit higher since I only added 2 tsp of honey in about a cup and half of pecan butter. I tried pistachio butter also and its really yummy too! My problem with that one is that its too salty. I made the mistake of using pre roasted and salted pistachios! sadly a bit too much salt, so I don’t eat it quite as often as my other butters. I will be trying that again. And I want cashew butter too, and macadamia nut butter… the list goes on and on! Either way, whatever nut you like, go make yourself some nut butter! Because it tastes good, and its fun to say “Would you like to taste my nut butter?”


about 2 cups raw pecans

kosher salt to taste

food processor, I think you can use a blender but I wouldn’t want to try.

  • Roast your pecans on an ungreased cookie sheet at 320 for about 10 minutes, or until your nuts are toasty and fragrant. I even like mine to have a few burnt nuts, (not charred, just a bit burnt) it really adds a great depth of  pecan flavor.
  • Put your nuts into the food processor and let it go. The nuts go through several stages in the processor: chunky, chopped, finely ground powder, then a big ball clump, then it smooths out into a nice butter. Mine is usually done in about 10 minutes, but sometimes needs longer to really get the nuts to release their oil and become super smooth like I like it. Some nuts never get that smooth though, so beware of burning out your processors motor! sometimes the machine needs a little break.
  • Anyway, after the butter is all smooth and gooey, add in a bit of salt and whatever else you want. Some people use cinnamon or other spices and honey or maple syrup. Spread the nut butter on whatever you have handy and enjoy! My favorite snack right now is some fresh berries with a drizzle of pecan butter. Heaven.

    Why is there so little left!! Oh yeah, I ate it all. That thing was full not too long ago…


    so smooth and yummy


    Favorite snack. the pecan butter container kinda looks like a creeper back there.


    74 g blueberries, 83 g raspberries, 1/2 Tb Pecan butter.
    138 cals, 6 g fat, 19 carbs, 9 g fiber, 2 g protein.


4 thoughts on “Pecan Butter changed my world.

  1. So good. I think I got a taste of your first batch. I of course liked the one with honey better due to my insatiable sweet tooth. I want a food processor! My made for TV “magic bullet” just ain’t cuttin it. Let me know how the Whole30 goes. Very interesting. I think I could even get Blake on board for that. “Hey husband, how would you feel about eating nothing but meat for the next month?”

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